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2005-08-23 - 4:14 p.m.

Best quote from the war: "Declan, I need you to be my Furniture Rodeo Clown!" Got to love Val sometimes.... And Val riding the X-chair was pretty amusing too.
Overall, war was eh for me....My fighting was off the first week and I overheated in the Lost Boys melee. Didn't get selected or qualify for others and folks I could have hit up to sponsor some of the specialty tournaments had more appropriate folks they were sponsoring. Wah me....
Got to have some fun in the woods, despite my armor trying to explode around me. Sheared off an elbow cop on a tree for which Abel and his duct tape came to my rescue, and a lacing snapping on my way back from rez point which took forever to rethread. And a rivet in my gauntlet that kept wanting to pull out.... At least I got to start zipping a line at one point. That is always fun....
The rapier battles were just sad. No fun when you massively outnumber the enemy. The friendship battle was at least some fun as the sides were much more even. Got killed too many times in the rapier woods; mostly because I was trying too hard not to gack people after being amped from the Field battles. That and I was fighting too much for being a subcommander. I have to say I find Death-From-Behind to just be silly for the game we play. Give your opponent the honor of seeing your face as you stab them....
Nothing particularly exciting on the loot front. Still need to find what happened to my second staff of rattan. Only one made it into the trailer on packout...
The best part was probably just chatting with friends while on walkabout....


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