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2006-09-29 - 8:25 a.m.

Six random facts, 'cause it is fun to make BdeB wrong. 8)

1. As an infant, I got all my siblings in trouble because they were supposed to watch me when I was out of the crib, but I had figured out how to trigger the triple-action lock on it and escape.
2. I used to play soccer when I was young.
3. I used to play the clarinet in primary and junior high school
4. I've actually been run OVER by a car. Tire marks and all. Missing a chunk of my left calf and lovely scars to show for it.
5. I've been to the Japanese Sword Museum. (And anyone else who has been there realizes this an accomplishment to find) That and the trauma of dealing with Shinjuku station. 7 levels of fun....
6. My maternal grandmother was saludatorian of her class at Penn State. Class of '28 if I'm remembering correctly....

And a bonus one since my wife loves to remind me of it:
7. My father-in-law apologized to me the day before my wedding. At the time, my sweet and demure wife was being red-headed at the guys who were supposed to deliver the tent for our reception. Responding 'oh shit' when informed that the tent was supposed to be set up in 15min and we still hadn't seen the crew yet when the place is over an hour away is not an advisable response to a bride the day before her wedding. They were bemoaning the need for a Bobcat to raise it and she was indicating that her bridesmaids could put it up sans heavy machinery.


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