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2006-09-25 - 10:51 a.m.

Anyone get the name of the train that hit me? Oh yeah, Masters of Defense. 8)
Considering this cold that will not leave me alone, I figured I'd do meh at the event, so I was going to go out and just have fun. Somehow I managed to come in second. My original plan was to finish all the armored forms and then swap to fencing. A couple of tough fights had me feeling a little queasy and wondering if I should just stop. Instead I dropped armored and switched to fencing for a while. Took me a bit to calm my reflexes down enough to start winning fights. Finally did manage to get wins in all the forms. Happy to have finally dropped Corby. Long-armed, mobile fighters just appear to be the bane of my existance... The tie-breaker in the semi's with Val was just silly. Have to find a way to 'thank' His Majesty for suggested dagger-only, and then restricting us to cuts only after 2 doubles. Annoyed at myself for letting Corby walk all over me in the 3 fencing fights. Need to stop thinking in range. Got my mindset back for the 2sword fight. Real happy I made the polearm fight last as long as it did. The spear fight was fun, even if I did apparently misjudge how far his point was from his hand at the end.... Oh well... It was still a fun fight.
Having Rags and Anneke stay with us was enjoyable, even if I was too exhausted Sat night to enjoy being properly chatnarred.


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