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2005-07-15 - 2:48 p.m.

OK, so while toodling through the mall to return to my car after getting food that was not the cafeteria, I came across a store that amused me to no end. There is actually a Lego store in Tysons now. Complete with little stations for kids to play at (and get further hooked). In addition to the multitude of themed sets, it appeared to have color coded bins in the back to acquire basic blocks. Oh, the novelty, applying one's imagination with Legos.... Geee, what will they think of next. And just what is it with WHEELED horses for the castle sets?!? Did they have a part that wasn't otherwise moving? Is it me, or is it wrong to not have to build up the horses out of small blocks like you had to do on the original castle sets? Call me a Lego purist, I guess....

Big shock, my research proposal didn't get funded. What a waste of time. Fun with Trustees harrassing Vice Presidents and the shit rolling down hill until I had to develop a proposal that I was 95% sure wasn't going to be funded. (Something about needing half of next years internal research budget to do it....) Then I got to rewrite it I don't know how many times, because one of my bosses is like that. I so didn't want the time extension, it just gave him more time to review it and determine new ways to rewrite the proposal....3 weeks of my life I won't get back. And next week I get to finish off 3 standards, the main one of which I'm in charge of will likely be put on a shelf and never used. Some days I feel like I'm accomplishing absolutely nothing here....

On a more positive note, Lady Windermere's Fan at the Shakespeare Theatre was amazing. Dixie Carter and the rest of the cast are great! Fun with Oscar Wilde. A pleasant departure from the Ibsen stuff that is just too out there for me.

And tonight is taking my sweetie out (a day early) for her birthday so as to not disturb her HP reading....8)


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