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2005-06-07 - 9:57 a.m.

OK, so I haven't updated in eons....
Italy was great. Theo still rolls her eyes at my day-trip to Venice from Florence to see the Armoury in the Doge's Palace. The original plan was to hit San Marino, but the train schedule didn't allow for a day trip option. The armory was nifty and I'm probably going to have to contact them for photos of a brigantine they had on display. The only fully complete set I've seen. Most just show a front or back and few have the complete skirting. Unfortunately ran out of time to get into St. Mark's there. Oh well...Maybe next time, whenever that may be. At least I got a neat book on it. Can we say ostentacious? In general a great trip, but really grumpy they didn't allow any pictures in the museums.... The Stibbert has some amazing things but annoyed that you have to go through in groups, so there is no taking your time to carefully study objects. Plus the whole lack of able to take pictures thing again.... At least I was able to get back to see the front rooms as the group I joined was already going. Theo was a little bitter that I went into the Uffuzi before her. I had time to kill on an afternoon, and since the prereservations were booked out for the next month I decided to check out how bad the lines were. I lucked out with a tour guide having 3 spare tickets and only wound up having to wait like 15 minutes instead of the indicated 90-120 minutes.... Definitely a place where your brain just melts after a while. I'd have to say my favorite museum was probably the Bargello. An interesting mix of various items from sculpture to pottery to amazing ivories to armor.
Many amazing churches....The best was probably Santa Minialto al Monte, which is south of the Arno and looks back over the city. An amazing view from there. Too bad it was dusk when we hit it. A lot of the pictures weren't very good due to the poor light.

Sapphire Joust went well. I basically viewed the specialty weapon tournies as warm up fights. I haven't really fought 2-sword in ages. Went 2-2. Should have had the block against Dammuth, but he just blew through it. Oh well.... Real happy with my great sword fights even though I was 0-2. Haven't fought it in years, but I gave Bryce a workout to kill me.
In the actual Sapphire tournament I went 2-2. Real happy I beat Dammuth. Can't argue too much losing to Rags. Annoyed at how I let Sinclair single-shot me... Guess that is what happens when you've fought like 3 times since Feb. Fun with injuries....
Practice last night was fairly well attended. We actually had 6 knights present, 5 of whom in armor. I can't remember the last time there had been more than one, but then again I haven't been a regular attendee in a while, so maybe I've just missed them. In general, way off last night. Mostly just horribly out of practice. Only one way to fix that....

The rest of the week I'm in Blacksburg at a conference. Bringing my gear and hopefully can hook up with the current Black Diamonders....wee...
Going to suck not seeing my sweetie most of this week. She left yesterday for New England and I have to leave before she gets home this evening. Sadness. At least the side garden is finally fully mulched.

Well enough rambling for now. Back to work....


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