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2005-04-19 - 9:27 p.m.

It's been a hectic few weeks. Most of last week and the week before was prepping for a Tech Symposium at work. We didn't quite get the demo working, so I had to punt with generating a bunch of slides to talk to. Wound up manning the booth for 2 days. Rather entertaining when I get the first folks and suddenly find myself having to not just cover my area, but the entire project scope... Can we say winging it? The movie animation was useful in getting folks attention, so we had decent traffic levels. Then Friday I got to have fun trying to do a last review of a 489 page document that we are trying to finalize for publication this week.
Went downtown Monday to find out the meeting dropped that day due to one of the documents we were supposed to finalize having issues and hence not ready for review. Another day to review the document. We got through all of the comments today with a few action items (mine of which I've just finished...) So we should be able to finish off that document that I've been working on for about 11 years now... Now I get to incorporate its changes into the Test Procedures document that I'm the book boss for. Wee.....

ToC was great. Got to C&P's waaaay too late due to Friday afternoon being the only time in my insane schedule I could get for a massage appointment. Overall, I feel I did well fighting. Got a number of positive comments from folks. Only about 5 fights where I was just stupid. Got to make up 3 of those on later fights with the relevant folks. Had fun handing off my prizes to my sweetie, even if I could never find her in my day-glow heraldic gold and purple cloak she'd stolen from me. Still amazed I could sneak in my leg harness to drop off the rose from Byram and Melisent. Dinner was hanging with ThornyPuppy folks back at Declan & Idonea's and then crashed relatively early. Felt like I'd been hit by a train Sunday. Had a pleasant morning chatting with the P. Then the long drive home.
Went to practice last night, but went rather light as my wrist is still bothering me from the weekend. Couldn't throw a wrap shot, which rather hamstrings my fight. Decided to break some rust off and let Kaliban abuse me with greatsword. Didn't do as bad as I expected, but my movement is so not there anymore.
Later folks....


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