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2004-07-02 - 2:29 p.m.

Alright, who kicked down the 'Now entering the Ninth Plane of Hell' sign? My day started leaving home late and hearing about the overturned vehicle on the beltway on my normal route in. Had already passed the decision point for the preferred alternate route. Had to take the backup-alternate and got to work in an hour instead of the usual 30 minutes.

I later had the briefing from hell. It was a dry-run for a dry-run. Lots of high level folks in the room trying to go over a proposal for some internal research. That meeting went all over creation and I'm now completely lost what the heck we are trying to do with this proposal and I'm supposedly in charge of it..... So, now I have to totally rewrite the brief to say I don't know what for a Tues morning dry-run to my Director. I haven't won the proposal and I'm beginning to wish it would just die.

Then Theo calls while I'm out at lunch to tell me about the total foobar at the American Legion bridge which is a chokepoint on my commute. If I can't go that way, it adds an hour to my commute... ARGH!!!


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