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2004-06-28 - 3:03 p.m.

ToC has come and gone. A pleasant ride down and pack with Kevin and Giuliana. A pleasant weekend crashing with Cuan and Padraigin. When it started raining Sat morning, I had a bad feeling it was going to be a mess of a day, but overall it worked out.

Plenty of good fighting, even if it was a little chaotic at first with the various lines. Only one fight where I was just mad at myself for being stupid and I was getting tired at that point. My best fight was probably against Rags. When Godfrey had to step out with some armor problems and Rags entered the list, I just brought the fight to him. I lost the fight, but it is the one I'm most happy with. I'm also amused by my fight with Dagonet. I managed to boink him in the face with a thrust from my knees. We still continued fighting after which he left me with a lovely reminder on my back, but I still got the shot in... hehe Mind you, he just came off some real high energy fights and he was huffing before that fight started....

Did some pick ups with Egil. Note to self: NEVER EVER let him hit me where I'm not armored again, let alone twice. Egil BIG boy.... That bruise hasn't even showed itself yet.

Got a number of compliments on the tokens. Ego stroking is never a bad thing. (GRIN)

Tonight is Storvik practice. Should be interesting with the sleep depravation from this weekend and Theo and Kyna's traffic issues escaping the music concert late last night (or should I say this morning) whereupon the Theo Chauffeur, aka me, didn't get to sleep until way, way, way too late for how early I get in the morning.

And congratulations to Byram and Melisent!


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