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2004-06-24 - 8:42 a.m.

Recovered my shield last night in preparation for ToC. My wife is too cool in painting it up for me.

Also cast up a bunch of buttons for the new pourpoint. I may have harrassed my wife for labeling my butt, but it really is a spiffy outfit. With the diapering of the ivy leaves it looks really cool. Hopefully it will be done for this weekend. More things I owe my lovely wife for....

Also managed to clip more of the neverending supply of site tokens. I so owe Kyna for helping out with a huge amount of the cleanup, so I have time to refurb my armor a little. Still need to replace a strap on my body armor that is hanging on by a thread, so to speak. Also need to repair my loving wife's coronet this evening so she can look spiffy.

I'm fairly jazzed about the event this weekend. Hopefully, I won't totally suck.

Well, back to work.....


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