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2004-05-06 - 3:26 p.m.

It's been eons since I've updated....Just haven't had the contiguous time and been in the mood.

I appear to be in traffic hell this week. Took me almost 2 hours to get downtown this morning. I knew there was a reason I was happy not to have to drive down there on a regular basis for a while now....

The news this morning was a little disturbing as they were talking about the Harbor tunnel in Baltimore being reopened after all of the numerous BOMBS were removed....

I'm hoping my hand doesn't bother me too much at practice tonight, after the little incident in the shop where the drill press decided to rip the coronet out of my hand slicing it up a little and twisting the silver up into a ball.... So not a good evening. At least I got it mostly unwound and back to shape before I came upstairs to clean the cuts.

And some year I'll have the time to write up the interesting tidbits I learned in the Encryption class I took recently....

Well, back to the lab....


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