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2004-02-23 - 1:47 p.m.

Scored a 50% on the 'How Dixie are you?' quiz, making me just barely a Yankee. Must have been all those years in Blacksburg...

I was mostly happy with my fighting this weekend. I managed to defeat everyone I faced at least once, including His Highness, so I can't argue. I'm also happy my juryrigging of my leg armor held. I also appear to have corrected one of the problems that has been plaguing me of late, although I need to figure out what I've started doing that caused me to bruise the bejabbers out of my index finger. I stopped when I thought it might be broken, but it appears to just be a nasty bruise. I even managed to get a few passes with rapier at the event.

Sunday was my first chance in I don't recall how long to sleep in. Took advantage of that and then we spent the day working towards putting the office back together now that the new furniture is in. Now I just need to see about the counter/cabinet for downstairs....


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