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2004-02-15 - 10:22 p.m.

Yes, amazing, isn't it....I've actually updated my diary. Work has been busy and I just haven't had anything interesting to say....

Back from Ymir. It was good to see friends. It was also good to see Calli to join the Order of Pelicans and my former Squire-brother, Johann, to have his first squire knighted. Congratulations Finn!

To say I'm not overly happy with my performance in the tournament would be an understatement, although, not entirely unexpected. Scheduled my morning too tight and didn't mentally or physically prep myself for my first fight. Got what I deserved. Recovered for my second and was just outfought for my third. At least I had a good time over in the bear pits up on the tennis court area. Hopefully, I'll stop aching in time for practice tomorrow....(grin)

But I would have to say the best of all was hanging out with friends over the weekend. It was good to get out and not have to think about work.


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