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2004-01-07 - 3:18 p.m.

Yes, I'm still alive. Just been busy, (or in the case of the Holidays, happily avoiding email and the internet) Wendy's family came to visit so we got to enjoy the pleasure and chaos that is a 3-year old.

Finally got back into the fighter practice rhythm. My am I sore now....Last night was the first time I've fenced since Oct. Did fairly well (considering), but on my is my upper back and shoulders sore. As for Monday night I had a number of good passes against Rags, but in case my head got swelled Andrew saw to it I understood I still have plenty to learn.... (That or I'm just stubborn to try to work through a stupidity I knew I was doing, yet couldn't seem to stop myself from doing, which is about the worst possible tactics to take against Andrew) And I still have the reminder.... My hip will be nice and colorful by the time it hits full bloom to the bruise. Reminds me of fighting T-Bone who would hit me there on a regular basis.

Regarding the holiday loot I can make Tim Taylor of Tool Time noises about the new grinder my sweetie got me. Still need to set up the stand and get it operational. And carrying in from the truck down to the shop provided a nice warm up for practice on Monday. My is it heavy.... Maybe I'll set it up tonight after running some chores in Columbia.

After many days of checking up with email and dealing with the hassle of last minute arrangements for a trip to Japan which will cause me to miss Ice Castles (major bitterness there), I actually have managed to get some things done and off my plate today. Still have too many papers to write.

Well, back to the grindstone. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!


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