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2003-12-10 - 4:59 p.m.

OK, what is it about people who are too lazy to scrap the piles of snow off their vehicle? I narrowly escaped eating a median barrier this morning when the pickup in front of me had half of the sheet of ice and snow drop off its bed cover showering me with ice and snow just in time for him to stand on his brakes in a turn on the highway....So NOT the way I prefer to wake up. And I had to play icy snow dodge-um on the way home yesterday....

As for BSG, I have to admit expecting to be disappointed. I wasn't wrong. The concept was interesting, but the writing and directing just sucked. They had such potential with the concept but I so didn't care for most of the characters. 'Apollo' was a snivelling twit. 'Boomer' is a whimp, and it would take too long to characterize all of the problems with 'Starbuck'. I found all of the sex scenes gratious and completely unnecessary for the plot. It just came off heavy-handed and poorly done. Oh well.... Guess that means they'll try to make a series out of it, 'cause anything I hate is bound to do well.

Finally off the constant travel. Just such a chore to keep focussed on work. I need a break. Time to go home and play with the new computer. woohoo.


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