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2003-03-03 - 12:32 p.m.

Spent the weekend at home getting ready for Gulf Wars, or such was the plan.... Saturday started with cleaning up the basement a little. That lasted through Sunday afternoon and we managed to fill the Tahoe pretty much to capacity with junk we tossed. I guess 'little' kind of mushroomed into 'massive overhaul'. Then there is a mound of stuff to donate.... But there is space in the basement....What a novelty. Now I just need to clean the shop.

I did manage to get in the shop to repair my gorget which had popped its pin at practice last week. I also made 3 more swords for heavy, one to replace the shattered sword and 2 spares. I also cleaned all of the tape goo off my helmet, oiled and waxed it. I also punched new lacing holes for my pauldrons as they've been riding too low. Guess I'll find out tonight how that works. I've also managed to finish cleaning up my new spring steel elbows. I think I'm just going to blue it and strap it up for spear. There isn't enough time to get the arm harness done by next week.

And since there is never enough stress in my life, it appears I am likely to be demonstrating my equipment to the FAA Administrator this Friday. Of course, since she is a busy person, the time I have alloted is part of the flight back from Atlantic City to DC....Arrangements are still totally up in the air and are likely to preclude me making the WS/FS gathering planned for this weekend.... Oh well....


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