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2003-02-26 - 9:44 a.m.

Yeah to Corun for being elevated this weekend. Way cool!

Saturday evening was fun hanging out with folks, as well as Sunday with Mel.

Monday was fighter practice. 7 knights in armor, no waiting..... So, being the masochist I am, I managed to fight 5 of them. Someone broke Colin by the time I go to him or it would have been 6.... Started the evening with the 3 counts with my 2-sword. Usual fun with T-Bone. Got to get my feet moving when I need them to....sigh. Then there was Havorc.... Can we say energetic? Can we say getting thumped? Then it was on to Rags....Normally, I have one really good fight a night and then I'm spent. I burned a lot of energy fighting Havorc, but I had some left, which is why I continued. Unfortunately, it wasn't much for Rags.... Maybe next week... I don't think I challenged him much.... I switched to shield (which is more tolerant of being tired) and fought the baby knights.... Tash kept breaking his toys and Andrew pasted me as usual.... wee....

I was majorly tired Tuesday at work....oh well....Managed to drag my rear end to practice and fence a little....The pin on my gorget decided to stress fracture in the middle of a cut&thrust fight with Alan...Got to fix that before Gulf Wars....Along with new swords for armored.

Why is it that I seem to have power problems with my left hand, yet I'm still able to shatter the rattan....sigh.


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