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2002-12-16 - 8:13 a.m.

All in all, a good weekend.

Party at MENG and Brian's Friday night. Decided if they wanted dressed up, I'd break out my tuxedo. Heck, I have it. Might as well use it.... I guess I should be flattered by all the James Bond cracks.... A pleasant evening with friends.

Saturday was the St. Fortunatis event. I had a good day on the field. It was a good sign when I managed to kill Aradd our first pass, as it usually takes me about 4 or 5 passes to really get in the groove. Since the 2-sword list was so small, I got lots of fights in early playing with Cuan and Otto. Then as I was about to shift out of the list due to the repetitiveness, Corby closed it anyways.

Then it was time to break out the shield. I was querilous about it since I hadn't used it in about 3 months, and back then I wasn't very good with it.... I managed to kill Rags on my first pass out, although, he hadn't really turned on his offense, so I'm not sure that was really a fair test.... Considering the practice level with it, I did real well. Had issues with some of the knights I don't fight real often. I completely brain-farted on my first pass with Corby and he easily one-shotted me.... That started a down trend for a while, but I managed to recover. At that point, I decided it was time to break out the 2-sword again. I gave Daemon a run for his money, even though he came out victorious...both times. Cuan apparently wanted to see something as he made us fight twice. Need to inquire what he was looking at when I can find some time with him.... I managed to break even with Cuan, which was probably my highlight of the day. He took me apart legging me and then disarming me. I managed to leg him and take his sword arm as he took my last arm. Although, he technically won, he yielded the field. I then proceded to kill Hyrim, and legged Robert as he killed me.... At the end, Tash managed to outmaneuver me and took me. While my movement was better, I'm still not reacting well to the environment around me....Always something to work on. Did some pickups, getting to fight the newest combattant in Rag's household, Jessica. It should be just a matter of time before she is knocking people around the field. Then there was my last fight....This guy's acknowledgement level was off my charts....I decided if he wanted to play that game, I'd work on my blow power. Sadly, I still couldn't hit him hard enough in the leg or right shoulder for him to take. His head, and body were different matters....

Afterwards, it was off to the Niemann-Dawson B&B for yummy food and good company. That and watching folks torture poor, exhausted Liam. He should know better than to admit weakness in the tickling area....

Sunday was a pleasant evening at Kevin & Jake's with yet more yummy food.

Tonight I guess I'll see who manages to make it to practice and I can work out my sore muscles....


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