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2002-12-13 - 8:12 a.m.

Still no tree....sigh.....

Finally got around to shortening up the bolts on the Glastonbury chairs so I don't need to use hex nut spacers....Ugh that really irritated me at Crusades... So I'm AR. At least I admit my faults...

After hearing about some of the concepts for Fortunatus this weekend I'm trying to figure out what to do for a shield. My wooden one is disintegrating before my eyes. And the cord holding on the edging is hanging on by one or two nylon threads.... Rags gave me an old aluminum shield that he had tore the top on. Since I use a shorter shield than him, it worked out well... I managed to get it cut down last night. I so do not have time to clean off all of the tape, paint and glue mess on the front. So, do I strap that one up realizing it is going to look like spanked @ss, use my amazing disintegrating one, or beg, borrow and steal? Decisions, decisions....

And the real killer is that I'm worrying about a form that I'm going to totally suck at. I haven't used a shield in months, and I sucked then.

Or maybe I'll bring my rapier gear to make Rags' head explode. 8)


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