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2002-11-19 - 8:27 a.m.

I can't argue with how practice ended last night. Started slow....I picked a fighter who could push me and then stuck to basics for the first fight, since it has been a while....Then the top 2 fighters at the practice proceeded to go bash on each other for half the practice, so I figured I'd victimize, erm, help some of the newer guys. Besides, it helps me work through some blow development and targeting issues, and they get to feel good about hitting me because a lot of 2-sword defense is related to fire suppression and my speed, neither of which I break out on newer fighters.... Had a fun set of exchanges with Grendal. He's coming along.... Then somewhere during the practice I caught my second wind and Rags was finally free. So, after borrowing one of his swords since my right hilt had decided to shear its primary attachment, (Note to self: New hilts MUCH higher priority) we went at it.... I haven't fought that well in probably about a year or two... Now I just need to see if that was a transitory revelation or rust finally breaking free.... I'm hoping for the latter....


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