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2002-10-14 - 1:07 a.m.

It's been a while. Finished two of six weeks in NJ.... Mostly going OK, but waiting for it to get boring. During testing, boring is good...

Yeah for Mistress GAHNvieve! I happily managed to finish the SHINY for her. A nice new coronet.... Pictures to follow....

Had a good time at Crusades. Marshalled some and apparently had a good day on the field. Decided to try out some 2-sword to help out in authorizations. Managed to make it through 2 authorizations at which point my shoulder was done with swinging a sword. Marshalled the field battles, which seemed to go smoothly and cleanly. Fought spear in the bridge battles..... Got a lot of compliments on my spearwork. Kind of wierded out on that front. While I was effective in playing defensive, I didn't kill that many. I only felt like I had one moment when I was really on fighting a 7-10 split against two good spearmen. Must have been more effective than I thought.... Actually got my first Shark's Tooth for it. Go figure.


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