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2002-10-28 - 3:47 p.m.

OK, so I haven't posted in eons. That's what happens when you have weekly commutes to NJ. About to go into week 5 out of 6. And this Wed is the biggest of the big wigs.... Just one annoying little bug left to kill....At least it is mostly innocuous.

Theo's Coronet

And then there is the shiny items I've recently made but couldn't post in-progress pictures because they were surprise items. The first is the baronial coronet I whipped up for Theodora for Coronation. Props to my friends for distracting her out of the house so I could work on it.... Due to time-constraints, it is 16 gauge mild-steel with pewter ivy leaves glued on. The triple leaf pattern is her badge. I thought it made a nice visual effect. I'll eventually have to go back and make her a nicer, lighter one....

Gen's Coronet

Then next on the hit parade is the coronet I made Gen for her elevation to Pelican. This one is made out of 18 gauge sterling silver. The fleur-de-lys are cast white bronze soldered on. I even carved the mold for the fleurs and poured masters in pewter. The stones are Adventurine for the whole white and green look. It is very light, but the 18 ga is also rather flexible with the extent of the cutouts.... Lessons learned.... Silver soldering silver and bronze to silver is a WHOLE lot easier than brass to steel as I've done in the past for refurbishing the Black Diamond coronets...


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