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2002-10-03 - 10:34 p.m.

Well, I'm finally back from 2 LONG days in Atlantic City.... The biggest irony was spending hours trying to figure out why the radios are acting really wierd at lower signal levels, until we put an antenna on a spectrum analyzer and realized we were being jammed. It turns out the folks whose job it is to see that radio frequencies are assigned without undue interference were conducting a test and JAMMING us.... That and the fun with the electricians in the lab. They were apparently trying to make the lights have dimmers. This apparently went from a day and a half job for 2 guys to 5 guys working their tails off for days.... Wires..wires everywhere.... Particularly amusing as I'm doing voice checks while the Communications director, his boss the Engineering director and the head of the center walk in to discuss slides for a demo tomorrow for the head of OMB...At least I managed to escape having to stay for a 5 minute demo in the afternoon. That would have made me MAJORLY bitter..... Overall, things appear to be working pretty well. Just one intermittent problem I need to dig through the logs some to see if I can determine why a particular packet isn't being acknowledged causing a never-ending retransmission.....wee.....

Sleep...need to get some sleep.....


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