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2002-09-16 - 9:00 a.m.

Woohoo!!! The wife is FREE!!!! Spent the weekend down in Wilmington at DEmma's having Theo do the brain dump thing to Emma, as well as the August packets.... It was great to see Daemon and Emma. She'll do fine. Don't get to spend enough time with them.... Just wish we had a transporter....

And tomorrow I finally get to hear the results of the Xray on my shoulder. I suspect it will be the 'sucks to be you' kind of response, as I suspect it is soft tissue damage from my shoulder being wrenched out of joint and back in.... Besides, starting in October and running for 5 weeks, I'll only be able to make the armored practice, so of course, my injury needs to be such that it won't be healed by then.... Murphy was an optimist....

Work has been overly busy trying to get ready for the Flight demo up in Atlantic City.... I will be much happier in Nov when it is all over.... Talk about work giving me a good birthday present....

Take care.


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