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2002-09-18 - 4:48 p.m.

Ah.....Finally got to drive my own car to work today....Automotive ISSUES!!!!! First the Tahoe bottoms out oil pressure at Coronation. 3 quarts later and about a gallon of coolant it is mostly happy. Needless to say that went into the shop last week. They determined there was a leak, but they couldn't tell where. At least they fixed the hideous brake rotor issues.... So I'm drying the Tahoe home through DC and it is feeling a little warm out, so I realize the air is OFF. I turn it on and nothing comes out the vent. Then I realize I'm getting air on my feet. All settings are vent.... Gotta love it. Back to the shop....Then, just in case I haven't been to my brother's dealership enough, the Altima starts screeching like a banshee on the way home from Wilmington. Made fingers on a chalkboard sound pleasant by Monday. Turned out to be the brakes. As I suspect the caliper got stuck, it of course stopped squealing ALL of the time about a quarter mile from the shop. I hope it doesn't reoccur.... Sigh...At some point, I need to take the Tahoe back in to see if driving it around a little can help them pinpoint the leak....

And work is getting busy and stressful. Got to finish up revisions to the prototype radio system for a series of flight demos that could possibly sink the multi-billlion dollar program I've been working the past 8 years on, if things don't go well.... No pressure....Yeah, right.... Just in case I thought I could relax, we found a new problem yesterday....I think I've tracked it down to one (or both) of two systems.... And just in case that wasn't problematic enough, it happens to be the same systems one of my people is already adding functionality too which now makes us contend for access to the system in the lab.

Well, at least my shoulder isn't broken. Have a bunch of exercises to try to fix it. If it still persists, it is orthroscopic time.... happy. happy. joy. joy.....

Don't mind the thumping. That is just my head beating against the wall....


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