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2002-09-09 - 4:34 p.m.

Relaxation....What a novelty....Successfully managed to punch out a coronet for my most dear sweetie without her finding out. Props to my peeps for distracting her from the house while I pounded and ground away in the basement! 2 evenings and a lunchtime break worth of work to pass a 3 foot scan doesn't suck. Even had some folks thinking it was silver... And now she can't argue with Kyna about being called "Your Excellency"....tee hee.... And besides, it has to be cool if I can incite envy in Gen....

Coronation was a pleasant event. We added Alejandro to the ranks of Provost and had fun playing in the woods as a wolf. Plenty of fighting for me....

The truck was annoying when the oil pressure bottomed out. Had to miss the first remove of feast to get supplies. After adding 3 (Yes, THREE) quarts of oil, the truck was mostly happy. The annoying thing is it doesn't appear to be visibly leaking oil. We won't mention how much coolant was added. Let's just say the truck is in the shop now....

On the way home, we were conveniently in Richmond for dinner time, so we stopped off to bug Thjora and the nap-restored Corby. Pleasant company and good food besides letting traffic ease up. What's to argue?

And tonight is trying to reclaim the house from dirt and clutter....


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