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2002-07-02 - 8:26 a.m.

It is hot....With 60 pounds of armor and a gambeson, it is REALLY hot.... Last night I felt like a walking, talking pell.... I could try to claim that I was just out classed by the 2 counts and viscount who thumped me, but reality is that I just sucked.... I felt like I couldn't launch an offense that even threatened Havordh. My head blocking reflexes with large wooden object strapped to my right arm just aren't there anymore it would appear. Havordh could flat snap me at will for most of the fight. Saeric pretty much owned me until I managed to get my off-side working properly. Rags took pity and pointed some movement that was lacking. That at least led to less rib pounding.... I broke out two-sword after that, but was pushing myself to mount a decent attack...Too bloody tired....

Waffling on practice tonight as I expect folks are going to just talk instead of fight due to the heat....

On a more upbeat note, the divider walls for our new tent are coming out awesome. Wen has been having fun playing with block printing her ivy leaf badge all over it.... Now I just need to figure out how I'm going to rig the crossbeam the walls hang from to the side and center poles. I think I've figured the metal pieces for the side poles, but not sure yet how I want to link to the center pole....


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