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2002-07-08 - 7:55 a.m.

Ahhh.... Relaxing weekend. Puttering in the shop and relaxing in the evenings. Got a lot of work done on the pennsic projects as well as armor stuff. We even test set-up our new pavilion in Gen & Alan's backyard to make sure everything was going to work. The divider walls are cool and scream Theo is here....Even found a use for the tiny finials we have. One is now topping the pennon pole for the centerpole.

Gorget Lames fitted - Side View

As for armor work, I dusted off my old elbows and started working on them again. And made significant progress on the gorget. I got the lames finally all fitted together, as these pictures illustrate. Bit of a nuisance getting all of the angles to meet properly.... I've also made significant progress on the clean up. Most of the pieces are mostly rough sanded (120 grit), although the very front of the 'V' shape fold is going to be a major pain getting sanding grit in there.... Also need to fix some of the shaping that got messed up in the planishing phase.... Then it is on to the buffer with sanding grit to bring it up to a polish and then bluing, and finally assembly.

Gorget Lames fitted - Rear View

I also made a first cut at the springs for the through-tab releases for the top lame. I'm not certain whether one of them is too thinned out, but we'll see.... Still have to attach them. Not sure if I'm going to have time to finish it for Assessment or not. We'll have to see....

Shane was a lot of help getting things worked on. He came over and helped with a lot of the wood working stuff I had in exchange for trimming down the backside of his new helm. I'm thinking I came out far ahead on this go around....


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