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2002-07-01 - 2:59 p.m.

Saturday was yummy goodness from the chefs as well as good company with Lucia and Miles and Kevin and Guiliana visiting for a yummy meal. Miles and I taunted the cooks while they worked. While there were issues with the gnocci due to incorrect potato selection, everything was yummy. We almost had to drag Miles out of the sink scrubbing pans cleaner than they've been in years.... hehe

Sunday was Northern War Practice. It was generally fun, but the Anglesea folks had to bolt early and the heat was dropping people like flies. I thought I'd be one of the first victims with my lack of significant practice lately, but I was one of the last folks in armor....The sides split Ponte Alto and Storvik against everyone else. Mind you, this created a split of all shields but 2 vs 2 shields plus hoards of long weapons. They thought about balancing the sides, but decided to see how it fell out. I got run over a lot, but our side usually pulled in out in the end as the Shield-heavy group lost unit integrity and the Anglesea folks worked in their element. By the end of the day, they finally got it down and mugged the other unit (which I'd fortunately changed sides by then to offset attrition). Then they did restricted frontage resurrection melees, without spears. Unfortunately, that dropped me as I didn't want to swing a sword with my thumb barely healed. Of course, I finally got bored enough to go drag my shield out of the car to embarrass myself some. Broke my shield and then had to borrow TBone's who'd dropped by then. All in all, decent tiring day....


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