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2002-06-07 - 3:18 p.m.

Finally back from my first week of flight testing....Two days of mass confusion trying to get everything configured properly. Not fun trying to debug things under time pressure with an audience. Finally managed to get most everything working properly and the script hammered out. There is only one last issue cropping up and I think I might know what is going on, but I've been trapped on the ground which makes it difficult to debug the aircraft stations....Get to play equipment woobie and the lab is the spot I can communicate with all (assuming the plane hasn't flown out of range) The range is a lot less than expected, but there appears to be some cable problems with at least one of the antennas on the 727. About 10dB loss on one of them. That is a factor 10 times power attenuation for the non-engineers, which is rather severe.

The first flight got cut short due to mechanical problems. Indicator showed the flaps were opposite which is BAD. Never did find out if it was just the indicator or what.... Took off fine in the afternoon. Managed to get in another flight Thursday morning. The afternoon flight for the Convair got cancelled due to the impending storms.... Just wish the FAA would cough up the money for newer aircraft. The Convair turboprop aircraft were built in 1958 and the 727 is a former Eastern Airlines aircraft.....I don't want to think about the number of operations those airframes have on them....At least I'm usually on the ground....And they got LOTS of attention from the mechanics...

Looking forward to this weekend. Lots of friends in town and Gen and Alan finally tying the knot...Woohoo!!!

Take care...


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