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2002-06-14 - 8:55 a.m.

Finally back from the land of flight testing. All I have to say is that Murphy was an optimist.... Just a tad stressful... After a while you just get numb. The excitement Wed. was a 40 minute delay with the Convair taking off due to an inbound DC-9 with a failed engine. They apparently foamed the other engine since it got overheated. Folks jumping out of slides and such not. If it isn't one thing, it is another....

Came into work today to drop off Laptops-R-Us. Didn't want the family cluttered with computer and radio equipment with guests arriving this evening. ALso need to swing by Best Buy and pick up a new home router. Thunderstorm about a week ago fried the WAN port on it. Cable modem is fine, but the router won't talk to the modem anymore.... grumble...grumble... Probably pick up a UPS while I'm at it. Modem doesn't like momentary power glitches....

Well off to harrass Kyna and set up the lab again while hiding from my boss, since I'm not here at work...really....


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