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2002-05-29 - 7:00 p.m.

Spent the weekend on Pennsic projects. Went to Shane's to use his woodworking tools and help him blue his knee armor. This expands to Shecky wanting to do his knees to and Henry hanging around being generally helpful. So the merry band of four starts the weekend with Shane and I cutting up lumber and Shecky and Henry breaking down knee armor and beginning the fun of rust removal.... Unfortunately, my bench grinder is mounted and not portable. I had them work the insides which the grinder doesn't easily reach. I whipped down the outsides the next morning. I love that sanding grit from Rio Grande.... The knees turned out nice. And I have all of the lumber cut out and mortised and tenoned for the camp shower stalls for Pennsic. Muwahaha. OK, so there were a few booboos are some measurements, but nothing that really affects the structural integrity. I might fix it, but it is a shower for Christ's sake....

This week I'm stuck in downtown meeting hell....Talk about tedious.... At least it gives me time for working on the marshal site....

This weekend is down to the mother-in-law's for her retirement/BD party. And the next 2 weeks are back to NJ for flight testing....wee. oh. wee..... I just hope the equipment decides to cooperate. I don't need any more stress right now....

Practice last night was pretty slack, but it is the only practice I'm going to get in a month....There is a slight chance I might be able to make a Monday night in a week and a half, but not holding my breath....

Just wishing I had some time to relax.....


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