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2002-05-06 - 8:19 a.m.

Wen was away at Crown so I was left to my own devices this weekend. On Sat, I helped Mel install coax and phone lines in her house for cable or satellite service so she can get her sports fixes. Then there was dinner with the Gainers and Sam and Kelly and a few others before going off to see the Spiderman film. Awesome film....Arundel Mills parking sucks....

Top Lames roll finished

Sunday was spent puttering in the shop and mowing the lawn....

Managed to finish up the rolls for 2 sets of the top lames. The picture to the right illustrates the front and back pieces before they are cut apart. You can also see, to the right, the crested roll on the front lame pieces for which I'm happy. The second one worked out much better than the first.

Gorget front with Top Lame misfit

I cut the top lames apart and cleaned up the edge. Then I did some final bending to get the lame about the right shape to fit my neck. The picture to the right illustrates a slight problem I now need to fix...and why I'm happy I didn't bother to clean up the neck bend on the base plate....I'm going to need to significantly enlarge the neck opening on the base plate....Oh joy....

I also annealed one set of the top lames so I won't crack the metal to pieces trying to rope the roll with the chasing tools. And while I was having fun with the torch, I blued the pole-joint sleeve I was repairing for Cuan and Padraiga, so it wouldn't rust as bad....

Then it was off to singing practice as we are singing at Kenny's rehearsal dinner. Gaffed my solo I was taking over from Bob, so he'll being singing it this Friday. Probably all for the best as another of the songs is causing me problems as the tenor part is different from everyone else's in a number of places and I too easily track those singing around me....Oh the fun....


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