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2002-05-08 - 8:00 a.m.

Had a good practice last night. Alan and Galmr gave me a good workout and a chance to work on tempo and agression levels. I was even crackheaded enough to borrow Bob's buckler to fight Galmr..... Then I fought a hoard of others. I was exhausted by the end of practice. woohoo!

Sometimes, my wife can be evil.... She is reading some account on the Black Prince and comments there is a listing of some armour he had at one point in time based on historical records. So, she inquires with me what the obscure armour terms mean....

Harness, pair of armours, 2 bascinets, poleyns, vambraces, rerebraces, pisane, ventail, and gauntlets. 'Pair of armours' is usually the breast and back plates for body armor. The bascinet is self-evident. Poleyns are knee armour. Vambraces are lower arm armour and Rerebraces are upper arm armour. Gauntlets are self evident... Not completely sure what they mean by harness. Unclear if that is the underarmor, or a leg harness... The list above is missing cuisses (thigh armour) 'Ventail'...there is an aventail, but something is telling me that isn't quite right.... 'Pisane'...haven't a clue.... Wen has an evil look on her face.... She starts taunting me that I'm not going to be able to let it go until I know.... I deny it. I can leave it be....Really, I can....RIIGHT! I lasted a day. OK, so I was too busy in the morning before work to look it up.... Couldn't find 'Pisane', but then I remember about that little lack of standardized spelling before the 17th century and starting scanning around.... 'Pizaine' is apparently another term for an aventail. BINGO. And a 'Ventail' is an upper bevor, think plate neck and chin defense.

Sure....feed crack to the addict....


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