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2002-05-03 - 3:12 p.m.

Ugh...The week is finally over. Downtown for 3 longs days of meeting, including homework on Tuesday before I zipped off to practice. But we got one document ready for publication and have 2 more to be ready for final clean-up the end of this month....wee....

Wen is enroute to Crown and I'm finally escaped from work....There are times I should shut off AIM so my boss can't bug me at home....sigh....

At least I got some more toys. The pitch bowl, gravers and chasing tools arrived. One of the items I ordered was discontinued, but a similar object appears to be in the current catalog... Maybe I'll play with the gorget some more this evening.

Tomorrow is wiring Mel's place for cable. The fun and joy of running cable between floors of a house without trashing the flooring. wee....


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