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2002-02-04 - 10:02 a.m.

University was fine this weekend. Kind of low key for me. The first class I was interested in was full. That's what I get for being slack.... Missed my first class following court due to other duties.... Had a blast fighting Vyv. Took a little bit for my muscles to warm up after watching fights for 45 minutes in the cold....

Making progress on the gorget. My first attempt at a roll the correct direction seems to have come out well. Instead of just rolling the metal back on itself, you fold a 90 degree fold up and then turn it back under so the seam is on the underside....

Then I had the fun and joy of getting the front and back to meet. Still wish I had that third arm. Finally had to break down and enlist the help of Wendy. Far less frustrating when I just recognize she needs to understand what I'm doing and explain it from the get-go... Love you, sweetie! After Wendy marked the overlap, I trimmed the excess on the bases and marked up my pattern. I think this piece is still usable, albeit a little short of material in a few places....

I started the roll on the back plate before my hand succumed to blisters....The fold straightened out some of the shaping which I'll have to beat back into it....Fun and joy of metalworking....

After I complete the back roll, I need to rig temporary connecting bolts and figure out the neck line for these pieces. Then I think I'll shape up the next lames before I go back and make a stab at the roping effect for the roll....

Experiencing wierd network timeouts at work.... But at least it is seriously snowing right now....


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