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2002-02-06 - 7:29 a.m.

This is a 'Yeah me' moment. I was so set up by my boss. He calls a short 'Very Important' meeting in the afternoon with some of our fairly high level FAA sponsors. I was running a few minutes late as I was in the middle of something and forgot the meeting was three floors down. Talk about a bad time to be late.... I walk into a speech with my Directors, former directors, VPs present. Some others and I were being presented with Letters of Appreciation from the FAA.... And they even had cake. Wendy informs me this is the most important part. Anyone can print out letters, but to actually get pastry....

Needless to say, the meeting that followed dragged on to about 6pm. This makes it a little challenging to reach Lochmere practice at 6:30 when home is an hour away and practice another 30min.... My knight made my decision over which combat type to fight easy by almost breaking my arm Monday night, so no swinging big sticks until this weekend....Gambeson is my friend....

Good turn out on the rapier side of practice. Marcellus actually drove all the way and Gregor and Beatrice resurfaced. Started the evening with Marcellus and did fairly well. Doing my best not to let his point control eat me alive.... Next fight was Alan.... That was a wierd fight, as Alan is getting back into it after coming off the injured list. It is always gleeful for the student to return the favor on the instructor. I better enjoy it while I can, because he was already getting back into the swing of things by the end of the fight. After a break to catch my breath, I picked a fight with Gregor. Epees and Gregor's hand speed bad for me.... After a number of passes Alan decided to get Gregor to explore one of my long standing weaknesses, my lack of ability to set the tempo for the fight. Tonight I get to see if any of it has stuck yet. I'll apologize to Penny and Jack before hand because they're going to get the brunt of it if I've gotten past that hurdle. Then Gregor proceeded to point out my tendencies to ignore my dagger when it is back.... Needless to say I was fighting much better by the end of practice....


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