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2002-01-31 - 7:08 a.m.

I am a sore puppy today.... Between getting battered for near-terminal stupidity at practice Monday and last night's foray into knife fighting, I'm hurting.... I was working with someone with barfighting experience trying to give them hands-on experience after Giacomo's knife-fighting class. Between getting quillions in the elbow and my own stupidity of cutblocking a pommel with my wrist (Got to love 2 sword instincts sometimes...) my arms just feel lovely.... sigh.... At least I had a blast fighting Penny and Alyce.... Trying to get Alyce to be more aggressive and Penny and I seem to be in a nice position where we can push each other and keep the fight going for a long time...

Maybe tonight I'll get to work on my gorget some more....Or maybe sleep depravation will win....


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