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2002-01-14 - 7:57 a.m.

Finally got to spend a weekend relaxing and puttering. As you can see I finally decided to revamp my diary template. Not sure I'm finished, but certainly better than the scary purple that is the default....

I also figure I might keep a lot of my shop projects. Might be interesting to look back on things.

Front plate of Gorget - In Progress

My current project is a segmented gorget for fencing so I don't have to keep swapping my gorget between armor bags....I think I finally cleaned up the pattern shaping piece for the front and fixed up the paper pattern to start the original. I've started rolling the lip for the neck. I left lots of material so I could trim to shape.

Back plate of Gorget - In Progress

I also started working on the back plate. Still not sure if I have enough material at the back of the neck.... Not really going to know for sure until I get the neck shaped properly on the front piece.

Then I'll need to roll the bottom edges and shape out the 2 lames each for the front and back, and do the cleanup and then the metalwork will be done... I also have this crackhead plan to work up a period lining for it. Now if I only still had my calluses from working the barbute. Got to work my way back up to a reasonable pounding duration again...



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