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2002-01-11 - 8:14 a.m.

Technicians should know better than to leave engineers with too much time to look over there work. Isn't that in their training?

Last night I was going to clean the house. And then there is this pile of hardware to set up the cable modem and in-house network. Guess which won? And now I have to wait for however long they deign to take to enter a few configuration parameters and let me know a few parameters....

Wen is rather entertaining at times.... We are discussing the setup a little before I head off to get a haircut and she leaves with Alan and Gen for dinner and Last Chance. "We're going to have a network drop in the sewing room, right?" She has been excited over the prospect of being after to surf for images while working on the magic machine. After much wrangling, it appears I'll be looking into wireless LAN equipment now... Neither of us were overly fond of the all of the drywall patching that would be required after pulling the cable to the various rooms.


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