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2002-01-16 - 8:11 a.m.

Ugh.... Geez, am I rusty. Monday night was brutal, but necessary. Between the UK trip, 3 weeks of the plague and the holidays, it has been about 10 weeks since I'd been in armour. And boy did it show. My movement was practically non-existant, which is a very bad thing for a 2-sword fighter. I was dead by my third fight. Since I need to get back into shape, I pushed a fourth. Then I promised my squire brother a fight. That would be number 5. And Kev is not a light hitter.... Oh well, I didn't get clubbed TOO bad....

Then, of course, I fight last night. 5 fights, which was everyone there. The greatswordsman was just a brutality fight, as he was in a similar boat as me trying to remember how this all works. Actually managed to connect on Galmr a few times, which is a lot more than I expected with my current conditioning. He was still tired after yesterday, I suspect.

Tonight....rapier practice....Dagger fighting with Jack should prove amusing.... I'll get some sleep sometime...really....


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