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2002-01-04 - 7:21 a.m.

Nothing particularly exciting to report. Helping the wifey with 12th Night projects. Getting a little work done on the fencing gorget, so I don't have to wing it when I forget my current gorget in the wrong armor bag.... Got part way into it and realized one of the complex curves was going to make fitting properly a pain in the royal tookess. Something about trying to bend metal with a V-groove not being worth the effort....That or slice my neck to ribbons trying to fit before rolling up the neck line. Needless to say I wasn't real fond of that option. Also realized I'd gaffed the pattern a little, so I just decided to turn the first attempt into a pattern piece for the proper chest shaping and to help pattern out how the slight jut for the neck for the first segment. I love power shears....

Yesterday's meeting was entertaining. Our lead was bitching about a lack of comments on a variety of documents being developed by the team. I'm sitting in the room looking at my equally puzzled coworker: "What documents?" Turns out they decided to send them to our boss. Can they find a bigger black hole for email? Now I have to go finish writing some sections assigned to some folks that had no hope of generating the correct material....sigh....At least they recognized they were out of their element.

Just need to survive the weekend and hopefully some year get a decent nights sleep....


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