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2001-12-27 - 10:33 a.m.

Christmas was okay this year. Not overly exciting, but I at least get to see my sister. The plague just took most of the joy out of it and left us down to getting ready the last few days before, which I really hate. I like to be able to relax the last few days before and get into the mood of the season.

There is a definite bonus to working the week after Xmas. The office is quiet and traffic is almost non-existant. I can actually reach speed in the mornings and there is usually enough swing space to manuever around folks who feel they must putter in the left lane....

Be very afraid.... Theo is bouncy this morning.... She is finally done with the crackhead project. She actually gets to putter at the office today... What a novelty.

Her family arrives tonight so that should quickly distract her....Gotta spoil the nephew... (Love ya', sweetie) At least we've finally got the house back under control.


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