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2002-01-07 - 12:50 p.m.

After torturing my wife with the detail that a group of tigers is known as a streak, my embroidered hood is known as the Streak hood.... Streak is how I felt this past weekend. Run there....stand around for a while.... There were some advantages. Where is Kyna hiding? Can't see her in the hall (OK, so I walked right past her...picky...picky...One of those days) Wander out to Colin's vigil site. Poke head in hospitality tent. Get informed my cute wife is currently talking with him and I can go in if I want. BONUS! I'd written off being able to get in any of the vigils with my other duties for the day....Unfortunately, I was too frazzled to come up with any sage advice. I suspect Colin was so dazed he probably didn't notice, (or at least was too kind to say anything) And I managed to bump into Gwen when she escaped for a call of nature.... So at least I got to wish my friends a heartfelt congratulations.

While I'm bummed I missed hanging with friends Sat. night, I'm glad we went home because I was beat. Slept 13 hours. Finally catching up on the lack of sleep thing. 'Nuff said there....

Took Wen to see the exhibition at the National Gallery of Art before it closed. Nice little exhibit. Stumbled across the micro-gallery trying to find our way to a map to find the shortest route to the bookstore. Ooh, look. Pictures of the collection indexed by a variety of methods. Neat! And they have a Negroli helm...I didn't know that....Not on display.. Have to find if I can get to see it at some point....

Then on to dinner with my folks and some friends I hadn't seen in a while. Had the obligatory computer support help for my mother....OK, open the picture, click this. Yes, the left button....Click the rotate 180 degrees to flip the picture around. Save....Yes, Gen, I forgot the T-Shirt. Although my mother is pointing out she paid for the education and the original computers so she feels she is entitled to payback.... Dinner and company was lovely.... We pretty much closed down the restaurant. And the snow didn't really materialize so the drive home wasn't bad....

Now I just need to see how many of the pictures of Colin's and Gwen's ceremony came out....Hopefully I didn't annoy too many people with the camera. I had the perfect picture of Gwen doing her impersonation of a deer in headlights after which I noticed the camera battery in my hand....Now there was some silent swearing....


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