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2003-06-17 - 5:54 p.m.

Back form a brief sojourn in Florida. Had to go troubleshoot some of my equipment. Went fairly well. There was a neat moment on the flight down when I looked out the window to see the plane sailing an ocean of clouds....It was a neat view....

Bagged my weekend plans to do Highland River due to the impending rain predicted and my knowledge of nowhere to hide when the rain comes and that site flash floods, and so not interested in hauling all the gear for shelter for a daytrip....So my plans of authorizing combat archery and playing with the Yeoman experiment will have to wait until this weekend....

But it did give me some time to play in the shop. My dagger hilt for the blade I got at Gulf Wars is finished shaped. I just need to sand and buff it up and it is good to go....I'm sure Freddy will have a field day with the open ring, but I'm wierd about using period hilts... Also managed to rework Kyna's loaner combat crossbow to properly hold the APD'd bolts and started work on a new set of basket hilts.... I'll be happy when I finally finish that project. My current hilts weigh a ton and are showing their age.

Well enough rambing for now....Take care.


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