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2003-06-10 - 9:19 p.m.

Well, I think I earned my paycheck for the week. We are on a rush schedule to finish up a Change document for a standards document to meet a overly convoluted and interdependent program schedule. After wrangling for the past year and a half or so about how to coordinate multiple radios on an aircraft in case the flight crew is silly enough to tune both radios to the same channel, we FINALLY managed to convince folks we could live without all of the complex interconnections to coordinate the units.... The added fun is we need to have the document completed by Monday to distribute to meet the various required review milestones to publish by September. Needless to say this involved massive changes to the document. So, I decided to start working on it while they were arguing some implementation nuisance that was making my teeth itch. Then they start contemplating how we are going to need a new meeting to review the changes before it can go out which will incur a 3-6 month delay in the schedule...That is when I reveal I'm probably 80% done with the update and continue working it so that we actually even manage to review it before finishing for the day.

Practice last night went fairly well. Some new things were starting to work fairly well for me. Not that I didn't make PLENTY of mistakes, but I was pretty quick at rectifying my stupid actions. Not bad for as out of practice as I am.

And tomorrow is the 9th anniversary of one of the happiest days of my life. Words cannot describe the depth of my love for you, my sweet....


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