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2003-01-29 - 8:16 a.m.

Yesterday was not my day....

I get stuck in an incredibly tedious 2-hour telecon, which makes me miss hear Richard Stallman talk. He is the guy of GNU fame and the free software movement.

Then I wait for Kyna to get out of a meeting to go to lunch. Since the warehouse is supposed to deliver my stuff I've been waiting on for over a week some time after 12:30, I request we grab food in the cafeteria and eat in my office.

We trundle over to the other building and grab our food.... Then as we walk back to the tie corridor to get back to our building we hear running water....Gee, that's odd Then we round the corner to see half the tie corridor has a sheet of water and it is picking up steam. It VERY shortly increases to a complete wall of water and then a 2" diameter stream of brown water starts.... Ooh yum. I have to wonder if I've somehow crossed into the wierdness that usually visits my adorable wife.... As our lunches are only getting cold, we decide to backtrack and brave the cold to get back to our building warning the receptionists what is going on. Later, the building PA comes on indicating the MDF is flooding which will be affecting email and network services. Fortunately for me, it was the other buildings MDF, so I only lost email for a while....

And as for the package, this is the equipment I took to Florida 2 weeks ago that was supposed to be shipped out and get back to me early last week. Needless to say, we couldn't get ahold of our shipping folks until last Friday. Then I find out our warehouse only has the transit case and not the accompanying box. The box with my device programmer that I need to update the radio software for the equipment I'm taking to NJ Thursday for a demo on Monday. ARGH! At least I have the radio, so I can do some end-end system testing. Unfortunately, one of my programmers only has this morning to test things until the radios get back next Tues....growl....

And then just in case I didn't have enough stress, I'm getting a cold.... I had lovely plans for getting chores done last night. Instead, I was face down on the sofa weirding out Gen with my cat-like sleeping poses.

Well, off to the lab to debug some software....


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