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2003-01-28 - 8:58 a.m.

Had a good time at Ice Castles this past weekend. Fighting had some highs and lows....If only I could have reliably thrown a killing blow, we would have had Cuan and I would have had a chance with Ragnarr.... Oh well... It was still fun. And major congrats to AoD for the elevation....hehe Be careful claiming you've got all the cookies you're ever going to get.... It was also good to see Harv and Vic. And Edwin and Giovanna will be good for BD.

Last night's practice went well...I had eight or nine sets of fights which a really good practice. Did a couple rounds of 2-sword and then went about trying to remember how to use my shield. I apparently still remember how to kill greatswordsmen.... And I actually got Ragnarr with a flat snap/drop offside combo...OK, so it was blind luck, but I'm still focusing on the positive.


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