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2003-01-22 - 4:10 p.m.

This is probably going to be a rambling entry. (OK, so the usual...)

Finally back from Florida with equipment safely delivered. Also finally got a copy of the box I was trying to remotely debug. Need to find the time to finish that software....At least until I have to add the next big upgrade.

Spent most of today writing a response paper to some drivel a respected magazine published. I can't believe the author actually passed with the thesis he wrote. Guess his committee doesn't bother to actually check references for accuracy or anything... Hard to stay focussed on a negative least one where I need to politely tell someone that the information in the paper is almost complete hooey.... wee....


Well, I finally have a little time to ramble on my feelings regarding fealty. I certainly won't be as enlightening as Byram.

This weekend will mark the 13th anniversary of my squiring. Talk about mixed feelings there....But back to the matter at hand.

Fealty is a bond between two people or groups. Along with that fealty is a pair of oaths. It is not something taken lightly. I was officially a man-at-arms for 5 months before I was squired. My knight actually took heat for squiring Erlich and myself so soon after he was elevated, but we'd been effectively doing the job for a while, so he figured we'd earned it. It helps I was already good friends with TBone before hand.

I swore an oath to learn what he had to teach me and help him as I'm able. He swore to teach me and guide me on my journey to knighthood. When he was elevated to Laurel, it seemed to expand into an apprenticeship as well, although we never made any formal due about it. TBone had been teaching me to armor for a while by then.

The guidance has come in many ways. Sometimes it is direct teaching. Other times it is indirect teaching. Trying to lead me to finding the correct ways. Trust me, that can be REALLY irritating, but it also teaches you how to teach yourself. TBone has a lovely ability to keep repeating the same move until you finally figure out what stupid thing you are doing, then he'll move on to the next thing.... I truly envy his ability to completely change his fighting style from one fight to the next. Or he'll happily work on his project while you hammering the piece every which way but the right way. Until you ask. Then, he'll immediately show you. Usually in a single shot or two to find the twist or whatever the problem was.

Other times, it is leading by example. Doing what is right even at high cost. And other times, it can be leading by counter-example....

Now I seem to have digressed into teaching and guidance rather than fealty...Oh well.... Not sure I really have much to add to what others have already posted.

Time to go home, clean and deal with some bills.... Wee....


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