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2002-09-25 - 8:17 a.m.

Been busy lately trying to get software cleaned up for 6 weeks of fun and joy (or was that stress and aggravation?) in New Jersey. Getting down to the wire.... Even got an M-tag to expedite toll plazas since I'll be driving up 6 weeks in a row.... It is truely sad that it even paid off to get a 60-day commuter deal for the Maryland tolls...

Shoulder is feeling better, but not perfect. Annoyingly enough, driving seems to be the worst thing for it. I'm mostly fine throughout the day, but my shoulder starts aching about 5-10 minutes from home... Managed to stumble across a possible fix there.... My water jug I took to practice keeps trying to fly around the car, so I decided to put it in one of the cup holders. Unfortunately, it is a 1 liter bottle, so it doesn't fit well, so I decided to hold onto it. Supporting the hand seems to make my shoulder hurt less while driving. BONUS!

Speaking of practice, I even managed to fence with my right hand, without pain. OK, so it was epee which ways practically nothing, but it is a start.... I was even swinging around some un-hilted sticks this morning to see how it feels, and I wasn't having any problems. Next attempt may be to try my hilted swords, which way a lot more.... wee....

Well, back to the land of software testing. Or maybe I'll try to troubleshoot a hardware problem on one of the radios....

Take care


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