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2002-04-25 - 4:24 p.m.

In a strange bend to reality, the cable repair guys were quick and competent. They quickly isolated the problem to be the line under my yard. With the driveway between the cable nodule and the current entry point, they decided to just pull another cable and enter in where the heat pump connects to the heat exchanger. So, after much wrangling of furniture and adventures in cable pulling, the cable modem is back up and humming along at its 1.1Mbps download speeds..... woohoo!!!!

Spent part of the evening trying to muscle the entertainment system back into place. TV not light.... Got in a little shop time. Not too much before blisters drove me back upstairs....Managed to finish up the first fold on the front neck piece and started rolling a second back piece. Since I needed excess material to prevent the piece from deforming, I figure I'll work up 2 neck pieces: one to get the gorget operational and the second to be pretty with roping....


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